Because I enjoy bringing joy to others by giving them small gifts, often baked goods, I created Blessing Trails, LLC. It is a random acts of kindness experience where a virtual trail keeps track of a trail of blessings that has been passed from one person to the next. A trail starter purchases a Blessing Trails bag at They then log it in by using it's unique tracking code on our website. They give the trail a name, dedicate it to someone, write a comment and enter their location. Then they put an item in the bag and give it to someone. The recipient keeps that item, logs onto the website and uses the same code. They write a comment and then enter their location. A map will show all the locations the bag has travelled to. Next, they put a new item in the bag and pass it on to someone else. The process continues over and over as many people are blessed. Each time someone new logs onto the trail, the previous recipients receive an email to update them and let them know the bag has moved on. It's a fun way to see many people being blessed!

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