First let me say I love this initiative. Thank you for keeping hope alive and setting a standard for humanity in a world that's fast forgetting. I have lived all my life trying to be kind ( my mother showed me how) but often feel stupid for being so because others don't recognize what is being done or prosper by doing not so kind things. But yet there is a still small voice inside me that tells me it's the better way. And somehow kindness manifests itself in times of need. My last kind act was yesterday when I called my ex husband (who seems very angry with me, I swear I have done nothing to deserve it, the only change is that he is to be remarried soon, I know the source of the Ill will as we were once best friends even after our break up, in fact I am moving to a new city with no job so that he can still see our daughter as he is moving there.and she can have her father close by) anyhoo, my kindness was to call and apologize for anything I may have done to sour our relationship and offer a peaceful interaction. Though by worldly measure, i have been very wronged.( I signed away almost all monies I was due in the divorce, and quit my job and moved in 2 months since he wanted to remarry ASAP and hear constantly from my daughter that they roll their eyes at the mention of me at their home) Result? Kind of blah. He just said sure thanks for the call. But at least the seed is planted. :) this post sounds like I am whining ( sorry) it just needed the back story to establish the call as kindness. Lol have a blessed day y'all

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