The story is of day when i use to study in school.
As i was staying far from family, my accommodation was in a paying guest.
My school was around 10 far from my p.g.
I use to board an auto which use to take 100 rs.for one way.
One day during the winters, i saw a little boy working to earn his food.
That day i felt bad for that little kid.
I decided to help him.
He use to sell fooder for cow.
After a week, when i was coming back from school, i decided not to board an auto instead save the money to help that kid. I bought 100 rs. Fooder from him which made him happy.
And i said him "keep smiling always..dnt feel sad be strong whatever may be the"
I felt good that day but sad too because there arw millions of people like him who are struggling hard to earn food.
I dnt know how much kind i was but i tried my best to help that kid.

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