Sylha is designing the first fair cashless system created by Lucas Duchaine from Grenoble in France.
At Sylha, we created the first connected coin, that enables you to pay in every party place of your city, such as bars, festivals or concert halls. This alternative to cash or credit card is a blast ! It combines all the benefits of cashless systems and makes you be part of a social and solidarity economy : everytime you are paying with our coin you collect points that you can distribute as a donation to local projects or associations you like.

Our connected coin can be attached to a bracelet and synchronized to a dedicated app. With this coin, you can pay in all places that are using our payment system. You can order the coin online or buy it directly in one of thoses places. Then, you need to dowload the app and credit your Sylha account safely from your bank account. On the app, you will collect the points you generated through your payments and we will suggest you to distribute them to projects or associations that are on the same app. Have you lost your coin? Don’t worry. Just log in on your account and disable the coin.

Festivals, bars and concert halls will have at their disposal our payement mobile device that they will use to debit your coin. Do you remembre standing in line waiting for your beverage? Well, this is over ! All you have to do is bringing closer your coin to the device and your Sylha account will be automatically debited. On the app, you will find a map showing you all the places where you can pay with Sylha.

  • France