I was driving on the way to work heading to Stone Mountain Georgia area, half way through my destination I noticed a gentleman by himself stopped on the side of the road. What looks like is he's trying to lift a washing machine to his truck. I turned around and stopped right behind him. I asked if he needed help, he said yes. He told me that he's going to sell the broken washing machine to scrap for food that he's hungry. So after we lifted the machine to his truck, I offered to take him to any restaurant of his choice and I will treat him for breakfast. I told him to lead the way and I will follow him. We drove about couple of mile and stopped at Ingles, a grocery store which is located at Rockridge Road, Stone Mountain. Georgia. We walked straight backed of the store where there hot foods are being prepared, breakfast was finished and they are just putting out the lunch meals. I asked the person behind the counter to get everything what Mr. CP wants. So they did. And on the way out, I gave him $5 for his fuel for his truck. He was to happy. He asked for my name and number, I gladly gave him, I told him to call anytime. Mr. CP is 80 something years old.
Til this day I was hoping to see him again everytime I passed the road where I met him. He said that his houseless.

  • United States