I'm visiting D.C. for a few days, last night - 7.28 - at dinner I left a sketch for our server with a note on the back. Her name was Hermela, I asked her what it meant but she didn't know. I asked her about her Country of origin - Ethiopia 🇪🇹. After a quick search, I found her name means "Golden". I scribbled a note quickly on the back on my most recent drawing. My Golden one, Jesus loves you and He sees you. I pray you are blessed. Peace and love.
As we left, Hermela told me earlier that afternoon she was feeling homesick for a custom in Ethiopia, everyone says "God bless you" rather than Goodbye.

I felt so much grace on that moment.

Sometimes we just need to be seen, heard and a simple act of kindness or encouragement is enough to fill up our hearts.

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