Today is the first day of raising monarch butterflies for the Monarch Butterfly Migration.

I have always thought that they were beautiful. I asked my 8 year old grandson what he was interested in so that I could find a birthday gift for his February birthday. He did not hesitate. He told me he loves butterflies. Not only butterflies but monarch butterflies. I found a great book for him that showed him how to raise them.

His interest finally took root that has gotten so many people involved when he found his first eggs. Then he came to my house and we found a really large caterpillar. I was enchanted by just watching him munch munch munch on his milkweed. We found some more eggs and tiny caterpillars and I got to keep 2 eggs and a caterpillar.

Caleb also wanted to start a butterfly garden. His other grandma contributed a butterfly bush. I contributed three plastic cages. I then also began my butterfly garden. So far Caleb has raised and released four monarch butterflies. I now have 6 chrysalides with three more ready to make their J.

I saw the miracle today of one of my collected today little eggs hatching and managed to make a video of it. No matter how many times I watch it I am in awe of the quarter inch little caterpillar beginning to munch munch munch away on his egg sack.

Caleb has found so many eggs and has shared them with friends. This is an act of kindness and profound beauty for one of our pollinators.

August 12, 2017 we begin collecting eggs and raising caterpillars that will join the long migration to their winter grounds in Mexico. I am so happy and thrilled to be just a little bit of this process. On their own outside only 1 caterpillar in 100 will make it to adulthood. Do an act of kindness and plant milkweed, start a butterfly garden, read up and raise a monarch. You will never forget this experience.
hugs to all,

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