A dear friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a prognosis of four months. He advised me that he had been diagnosed four years prior to my getting in touch and that I should not worry as he was in good form having decided to give no importance to his diagnosis and to continue as he had before, treating his chemo side effects as minor inconveniences. He said nothing had changed other than a some weight loss and tiredness and his taste buds were affected from the chemo. I was astounded. Everything I read said that he had a maximum of five months and here he was four years and some months later enjoying life to the full. A forty year old doctor colleague of mine was diagnosed with a renal tumour and was distraught, having young children and being at the prime of his profession and his life and told me he was obsessed with a fear of dying before his kids had grown up. His tumour was successfully removed and he had no spread anywhere and looks and feels extremely well but was exhausted from anxiety and depression. I told him the story of my friend with the poor prognosis and his attitude towards his condition and how remarkably he had carried on working and living a completely full and enjoyable life simply because of his amazing handling of his diagnosis. I also gave him a flash disk full of complementary medical advice, lifestyle changes, yoga, meditation, organic gardening tutorials, and some amazing music and some Elev8 (a natural medicine which has a profound ability to elevate the mood and alleviate anxiety as he was not interested in taking an antidepressant or tranquilizers. He was clearly deeply affected by what I had told him and I noticed an amazing change in his mood, attitude and demeanor. He just seemed to have clicked and realized that worrying would only make things worse and that he probably had nothing to worry about as it was caught very early and incidentally through some routine tests. In other words he was asymptomatic. What moved me most was that he seemed to realize how much this kind of advice could help his patients as well.

  • South Africa