An act of kindness for...

Compliment a stranger

Hello everyone..Yesterday i got an Ielts exam in my country..Normally im a person with good vibes ,smiling..but I was too nervous because of the exam.I was feeling strange than the other days.It was my first time to get it.however..If i make an eye contact with someone ,I mostly like to say "hey" to them , showing my crooked teeth with big smile on my face .Im curious ..Curious about what they feel..about meeting them.Sadly not havin feedback usually : )...Yesterday i was feeling like im the one who needs that right now because effects of the exam on my body such as panic ..worry.I was kind a angry.Then suddenly i heard someone who stands near me sneezed..I kindly came close to her and said "bleess you ".if kindness belongs to you if its a part of your body it becomes an automatic response system that u can not stop yourself ...also you re not wanting it to stop so..even though i was thinkin im the one who needs it..she answered me back.."thank you".then i had my way to class to my seat..She was there kindly looking at me and said "Best of luck to you"..with a same big smile that i have..That moment erased all of my pain about the exam was like a remedy..It was also a start of a good friendship.& you know what? Our friendship started based on talking about kindness .That moment i learnt whatever i feel whatever i 'm...If i feel bad ,i should not avoid it..but also dont avoid myself..myself kindness. keep kind..keep calm..i reflect good things to life ..its sending back that good vibes which can save something (a time a day a moment a bad memory or feeling ) from my life.

  • Turkey