I live in a 16x32 portable building here in Tullos Louisiana off of route 125 down from the Tullos Baptist Church on E.Mill street, 1130 to be exact, I moved back here, after loosing my home that I rebuilt, several towns away, it took me 5 years to get back determined to complete the loosing homes challenge I've experienced in my life, so I made a shed into a home, after God helped me and some folks at church gifted me this property, which by the way stays to wet, and the yard could definitely use building up and the two buildings are beginning to show signs of sliding off the bricks, and that I have fallen several times, I'm blessed because I'm not homeless any more and I find purpose here and love the people here, especially going to the grocery I have the most fun helping people talking to them. In fact yesterday at the foot doctor where I went to get word on the reading of my MRI on my right foot, which I've not been able to walk on the front of it for 9 months now, I've fallen so many times its got arthritis bad, so I'm going to have to get fusion surgery on it. Anyway a lady, very big, at the doctors office couldn't get up, so we locked arms and I carefully pulled her up, that was so nice, I knew exactly how she felt. Then after when she was leaving my friend who was doing a kindness for me by bringing me to all my appointments got up and was looking out the window and he told me she'd fallen outside there, and without hesitation I immediately went to get her up somehow and I asked my Angels to help me get her up, ( BTW my profile photo is one in my back of my property Angels making their hedge of protection I asked for , they took the photo , I found them in my phone, I love it!) Well I did manage to lift that big lady up, I mustered up all the strength I could and just did it! Of course my friend who brought me thought I shouldn't have because of my left knee and my right foot, but it had to be done, I could not see leaving her to sit there like that at all. She needed someone to care, and help fast, I'm sure that'll uplift her for a long time, I get the joy from that, it's worth it!

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