After seeing this initiative, I started to notice children wanting to do something fun or creative, but in each case the adults were busy. My neighbour's kid is so bubbly and semi crazy, so when we dropped by to say hello I offered to keep him company while the others chatted.

We roamed all over the house, doing awesome things I never get to do anymore. We played with play dough, wrote with chalk, rolled billard balls along the carpet and off boxes, and had a mini game of pool with broken sticks.

At one point, he really wanted to sit on his parents' bed, so after checking with the adults and taking his shoes off, we clambered onto the bed and sat at the window. He was content for a few moments, and then he started to sing a childish song. I thought he was just mumbling for a moment, but then I caught the names of my family, and words like dog and cat and back. He kept going for a couple of minutes, and when he finished he just smiled at me.

It was adorable and awesome to see and hear his creative mind at play.

  • Australia