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I started the project “Lakbay Guhit" titled before as "Art from the HeART” last 2010. It was actually inspired with my previous works with children as a Psychological Therapist. I integrated my love of arts in my advocacy in children’s rights. It was actually inspired to heal wounded souls who are battling different faces of violence.

I am really inspired to do what I’m doing now because children taught me so many things by listening to their stories, insights and wisdom. They usually share them when they are working with their artworks. These are the moments where they are calmed and they can really listen to themselves. And when people are willing to sincerely listen to them and take seriously what they have to say, they also start to believe that they matter in this world.

I started “investing” in this project with my own money, but later it is my mom who financed my activities. She always believed that these little efforts will create a ripple effect in the lives of the children. Sometimes my friends also support me financially especially when they wanted to celebrate differently and ask me to organize activity for the children.
I strongly believe that it is not only with money that one can share. Sharing time and talent and listening ears to the stories of children are very vital in this project.

  • Philippines