I'm usually shy about jumping in and helping people in social situations, and all the more when there's a language barrier because I'm awfully shy about using my language skills. I live in South Korea and have studied Korean for years. Today, I was at a drug store to buy some cosmetics, and was standing at the counter waiting for my purchase to be processed when I heard a foreign lady asking the staff something at the next counter in English. She was asking if they had anything for mosquito bites. The staff was having a hard time understanding, and in the end the lady dropped the topic and just waited for them to process her items. I turned to her and asked if she needed a repellent or was already bitten, so she explained she was hoping to find a cream or something to soothe the itch. So, I asked the staff in Korean if they had any cream for her bites, and translated their answers to her. She was really thankful and I felt happy for having been able to use my skills to give a hand. :)

  • Republic of Korea