Went shopping the other day and was sitting outside talking with a few old coworkers I used to work with. There was an older woman, mid 40s, sitting on the bench also talking with us. She shared some of her stories and said she has been homeless for some time. She said that because she's homeless most people don't give her a second look and some have said she doesn't look homeless and is trying to scam people of money. After talking with her, I told her I'd be right back. Went inside and got change from my card. I came back and gave her 5$, which was all I could afford at that time. I gave her the money. I told her, "we all have been there at one point and we need someone to lean on at times. This is all I can give at the moment though, but I hope this helps." She gets up, starts crying, and hugged me while thanking me. I said it does come with 1 condition though, that you have to pay it forward whenever you can. She said she does when she can.
That feeling of helping someone and hearing their story puts myself in a new perspective. Granted it was only 5$, but to her it was enough.

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