Today i want to talk about this act.I raised in Turkey and now i live here still...Like every other country , we have our own acts/traditions or values too ; some of them good some of them bad... : )
In here Giving seat to the elders or pregnant women is really common thing.People are sensetive about that.I've learned like that too since i was child.
But for me its not about the traditions or culture.For example; If i feel good I always give my seat to the others.Must be kindness level llegandry :p :D ..No its just a feelig like " I Dont need it now so let someone sit who need." BUT!! The problem is that HOW DO U MEASURE IF YOU ARE GOOD or bad..Thats my point..For me Thats why being kind is all about inner you. i think Thats why being kind is the key of defeating the depression, Feeling good and being kind again :) İts a circle..So i got my lesson when i was young and trying to understand that behaviours ;
-Be kind ..Feel good..if you feel good ,then be kind.Protect the cycle coz
They obviously have r: +1 A perfect uphill (positive) linear relationship :)))

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