At lunch time, one student asked if he can get seconds for soup. I said "yes" and he went to get his round two. Upon returning to his seat, he said to me, "Ms. Benjamin, Ryo (kid on the other table) is very very kind." I turned around to find where Ryo is seated, and told my kid how nice of him to say kind words about others. He then told me how Ryo stood up and moved his seat so he can pass in between tables safely with his hot soup. The "aawwww" moment pinched my heart. I eventually turned around and told Ryo, "Kazuma told me how very kind you were." He smiled at me...the most beautiful kind, and I felt like welling. I asked if he wanted to say anything back. He called out Kazuma and said, "Thank you."

Before lunch ended, I asked my kid, "How does it feel being kind?" I got a nod and another beautiful smile right there. <3

  • Japan