My daughters and I run a benefit corporation called Say it International, it all started with our movement called Say it forward®. One day we wrote positive messages on cards and delivered them at a local coffee shop. Making face-to-face connections with strangers. When this one woman looked up and told me that the message impacted her day. We knew we wanted to start something big, so we used social media for social good and started crowd-sourcing messages from people around the globe. On #WorldKindnessDay we gathered on Facebook LIVE, to share our stories of how we used the power of our words. Whether it was a note, a phone call, a compliment, a quote or even a shout out, people posted videos and used our trademarked hashtag #SAYITFORWARD as our words came to life to spread kindness and make the world a little brighter. Our mission continues daily and we hope you're inspired to join us:) Take a look at our site:
Peace & Positivity, Sandra, Steph & Allie

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