Hi there. I am Gabi and I will change your mood today.
Not long ago I have discovered kindness.org and saw that amazing people are sharing their kind stories, acts that are really making a difference in today's world. So I have an idea and I want to scale up the amazing things that are happening and change your mood today.
A little bit about myself:
I am the tech lead of Moodcrawler.org, a personal project that is intended to reward all the good deeds with a special coin, the MoodCoin. So I saw that the goodness exists in different shapes and sizes, websites and platforms.

So I decided that I want to have a giveaway , and reward all the acts of kindness ( 16,583 so far, so Yes, all of you that have posted your act of kindness, will get your MoodCoins). To be more precise, I want to offer you 200 MoodCoins for the simple fact that you have chosen to be that tiny part that make a difference. That tiny part that shared his/her kind story and changed someone's mood.
This is an independent initiative, something that I want to do, a sign of appreciation, a way of saying " You rock", my way of saying thank you for being a good person.
If you consider that my tiny act of kindness can change your mood, just post here in the comment section if you want me to offer you the moodcoins.
Imagine how awesome would it be in the future to buy a coffee for a friend with moodcoins. Some local coffee shop owner could accept the moodcoin as an alternative payment method. you could buy coffee for all your colleagues with moodcoins, a currency that was designed to change moods:)
Hope to see you soon and accept my way of saying thank you.
With love,

  • Romania