An act of kindness for...

Pay a stranger's way

Hi there. I am Gabi and I will change your mood today.
Not long ago I have discovered and saw that amazing people are sharing their kind stories, acts that are really making a difference in today's world. So I have an idea and I want to scale up the amazing things that are happening and change your mood today.
A little bit about myself:
I am the tech lead of, a personal project that is intended to reward all the good deeds with a special coin, the MoodCoin. So I saw that the goodness exists in different shapes and sizes, websites and platforms.
Just imagine how awesome would it be to buy a coffee for a friend with moodcoins. Some local coffee shop owner could accept the moodcoin as an alternative payment method. you could buy coffee for all your colleagues with moodcoins, a currency that was designed to change moods:)

Yes, maybe I am a dreamer, but how about you? Would you chose to buy a coffee with MoodCoins? Or maybe pay it forward with a coffee?
This is my story and I hope you would like to have some moodcoins. It is free. As project team lead I have decided to offer 200 MoodCoins for each user, a way of saying: "You rock".


  • Romania