This is a foster kitten who was abused and rescued twice; once by Cobb County Animal Control and secondly by Half the Way Home Rescue. I volunteered to foster this little guy. His ear had been cut almost totally off. It did have to be removed, but he was so small he had to gain some weight first before he could have the surgery. Volunteering to foster orphan and abused animals is actually very hard emotionally. Not all of them make it. When I fostered the first time (a litter of kittens) who all got sick - very sick. I took them to my vet who told me, "If you are going to get into fostering, you need to know, regardless of what you do - or do not do, some of them just won't make it." I thought that was a harsh thing to say - especially since I was looking down on 4 kittens who were so sick they didn't even complain about being at the doctor, but looked up at me with me with very trusting eyes. I know now, she was trying to let me know that when they do not make it, it is not my fought. The little guy pictured here survived his surgery and was getting stronger and enjoying life when he became very sick and after two days in the animal hospital he died. I was heart broken. It was all so unfair and he was so young and had survived so much. A very experienced foster volunteer reached out to me and offered truly kind words. That yes, he died and yes, it was unfair, but for the time that he was alive and living with me he experienced kindness and love; he had a safe home with plenty of food and toys to play with. That I should remember that by volunteering, I gave that to him.

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