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I just sent two complimentary copies of this book (front and back cover shown above), to an elementary school in York, PA — one for the school, and one for the young man who started a "Buddy Bench" at his school (you might remember it from the news a few years ago).

I was so moved by this young boy's efforts to come up with something to inspire kindness, I wrote to the principal and said I wanted to send this book once I completed it. That was several years ago; the book took longer than I anticipated.

True to my word, I wrote to the principal today (still the same one) and said the books are on the way! He is still in contact with the family, thankfully.

If you'd like to view this book and read some reviews (great for ages 3-8, plus young at heart), go my website:

You can also see a sweet book trailer (preview of book) on youtube: DOGGIE WISDOM SERIES.

This book promotes KINDNESS through two dogs, a friendship-elf, and 22+ wild animals. It's a quality hardcover, well written, beautifully handpaint, ​and ends with a sweet invitation for children to make friends with each other. Enjoy!

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