Over a year ago I began a group on facebook called #SaveHumanKindness. Tonight I found acts.kindness.org and just knew we were meant for each other. I will continue to post and share kind stories i my group and also share them here with the acts.kindness.org groups. below is what our Facebook group is about:

About: #SaveHumanKind
Members of our race are treated with hate and unjustly accused of crimes based on their skin color, religious beliefs, economic status and sexual preference.

My name is Vernon and I am a member of the Human Race.
It is a Race comprised of human beings
Folks just like you and me going about our day just being Human.

When other human beings attack members of their own Race verbally and physically, it erodes what we as Humankind stand for.

They become less human
Their judgements and ridicule are seldom Kind

I believe we can all work together to promote our Race as human beings and still remain a diverse and unique group of indviduals.
We just need to remember as Human beings.

We all need to act Human
and be Kind.
At this group you are invited to share posts and images that promote human kindness.

Hate and intolerance are not welcome here.

What is welcome are posts, memes, images of thoughts and opinions that promote human kindness.

If the posts, memes, images of thoughts and opinions belong to others please give them credit. Include any URL, book title or other reference that would help our members learn more.


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