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Gift a kind book

One of my favorite gifts to give, is a book called, "Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: Five Year Record". The premise of this one-sentence journal is to record one thing that made you happy from that particular day. As the years go on, you can look reflect on the other things that brought you joy on that same day - but from past years!! I have gifted it to many of my close friends and they all love it so much! I have one that I started in 2012 and it has brought me so much joy, so I figure others could possibly love it just as much! I enjoy gifting things that I know will bring joy for that individual for reasons other than the fact it was a gift from a friend. Sentimental value within things that are gifted is a beautiful thing. However, if that person can build more sentiment as the years go by for other reasons, I believe those are the true gifts that keep on giving.

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