It was mid-morning in Maui, Hawaii. September 2016. I'm driving in my car when the idea came to me. For the past 8 months I had been supporting my 12 year old with his recycling business. Once a month DJ and I would drive around town and he would offer a recycling collection service to others. He would bag and haul away people's recycling at no charge, and we'd take it to the local redemption center where he made 5 cents per bottle / can. On any given Saturday we'd collect from 8 - 10 of his supporters. He'd make anywhere from $75 - $100. He took 10% of his earnings and donated it to the local food bank and he'd keep the rest.

​I knew we had a great idea. But how to make it BIG? Driving down the road that day I was inspired to talk to my son about getting other kids involved who would want to do the same thing. We came up with the name, "Kind Kids Recycling Club." To make it a very kind idea, we decided to up the "pay it forward" percentage from 10% to 50%. We call it the Kind Kid Pledge. A simple promise that any kid who got involved would set aside at least half of their recycling earnings and put it into their own "pay it forward" envelope. Boys and girls could only use this money to benefit other people. Any gesture of kindness, big or small.

Fast forward to August 2017. We had over 30 kids involved in our recycling club, ranging in age from four to fourteen. It was inspiring to see these kids getting excited to go to work and earn money for themselves. However, the main motivation for most kids was using their earnings to help others. Many of these kids began to personally experience the joy in giving to others.

​The recycling idea worked well, however, we realized that it was just one way for kids to earn money. Additionally, there are many states that do not offer redemption value for bottles and cans, which limits the number of kids who could participate on a nationwide basis.

​That's how Kind Kids USA came to be. Any child in any state can now get involved, and there are no limits to how they can earn money. From lawn mowing, to pet sitting, to washing cars, and any job in between. Like our original idea, all kids set aside at least half of the profits earned through their job(s). This money is used solely to spread kindness and benefit others.

This is all about helping kids to see the world beyond themselves, and them realizing that their actions do matter. Imagine if thousands of girls and boys were to get behind this idea with enthusiasm. All taking pride in themselves for what they are a part of. That's our vision, and we invite every child to get involved and make a difference in their own neighborhood and community.

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To a better world,
Dustin Metzler

  • United States