I actually felt a kindness today. And I am sure they didn’t even know they were doing it. I was teaching my evening intro to film class. A unit on how images affect us emotionally and looking at advertisements to see what they evoke and the subtle and not so subtle social messaging. It’s a hard chapter and my students are coming from work. Tired and majoring in areas that will never use what they learn in my class. Many just space out or fall asleep. But tonight two of my male students kept nodding and leaning forward and reacting. It was such a great gift to me to have them engage with me and it gave me a lot of energy and was a great kindness. They could have just sat back like most of the class and been passive. But they took the energy to smile and nod and share that they got what I was teaching. I don’t think students know what a strong impact they can have by just engaging with a nod.

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