This is some very lovely good news from my mom, Linda. She is the pastor of a small UCC church in Gilman, Iowa. She reported that her church just donated another full grocery basket of food for the weekend backpack feeding program in town. She then explained that this program, for which the church applied for and received a grant from the Iowa Conference of the UCC about one year ago, involves collecting food during the school year so that children who have limited food on the weekends have one hot meal per day that they can fix themselves. She said the church has convinced the rest of the little town to help, which is critical because over half of the children in the school get free lunch. Linda then said, "The reason I thought of this when you asked about kindness is that I've been in other churches who do work like this, but the general feeling is that this is a commitment and a duty...which is fine.....Gilman Community Church acts like this is their grandkids who need to eat, generous beyond belief. That's a smiling, feel good event...and kindness in its truest form." Absolutely beautiful, Mom, thank you. I am glad you can be part of such a wonderful community.

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