Whew. So when I thought of who to thank, I immediately thought of my best friend/ex girlfriend, Maureen. she's so amazing. She helps me through a lot of my mental issues, and I just love her so much. I know I don't thank her enough for everything she does for me. I wrote a message to her thanking her for all she does, and she hasn't responded (it's 3:35 in the morning) but I'm glad that it'll put a smile on her face first thing when she wakes up. I felt like that wasn't enough. I follow her best friend, Abbey, on instagram. I opened up my direct messages and shot her a message thanking her for just being a ray of sunshine on my feed, and for making Maureen so happy. I don't want my acts to come off as sleaze-ish. I hope it's okay. Thank you to whoever made this site for doing it. I like it.

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