Recently this year I have been going through some tough times. My mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to go through surgery. It was terrifying, because I love my mom and cancer can be unpredictable. I tried to put on a brave face and ignore the problem, but everything started to build up. I went to my school counselor and told her the situation, she then proceeded to contact my teachers to let them know of my situation. The very next day almost everyone of my teachers approached me to show their support. One teacher went through a similar situation when she was younger and offered me support and advice.

In addition to the kindness shown by my teachers, there was one particular moment with a student. One day at school I received a call from my mom. She told me that she may have had a stroke and is driving to the hospital. I was distraught, this was another thing for her to worry about on top of the cancer. In my next class period I left to the room to go to the bathroom to clean myself up (as I was crying). While I was attempting to fix myself up a girl, who I did not know that well, immediately came to my aid. She game a hug and comforting words, without even knowing of my situation. She did not pry, just gave my comfort. That is one act of kindness I will not forget.

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