My kindness story happened a year ago. I was at the check out counter in the grocery story with about $183.00 worth of groceries but my credit/debit card did not “work” and I did not have the cash or another card with me to pay for it. I told the cashier I would call my husband or daughter and one of them would bring me the card. I felt really embarrassed because there was a line of people behind me. Then, the woman directly behind me offered to pay for my groceries. I was even more embarrassed because I did not know her and she didn’t know me but recognized my last name. She asked if I was Jessi’s mom, I said yes, and she said she was the mom of “Jack” who 20 years ago had taken my daughter to Prom. She insisted I let her pay and I was getting more embarrassed because of all the people in line so I finally said Yes, but insisted on her address to return to her the money.

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