I had gone out for pizza with some friends, but I didn't finish my meal. I got a box for my leftovers planning on taking it home to eat for lunch the next day. As I was on the tram back to my apartment I realized that I didn't really need the rest of my pizza, my stomach was full and I knew someone else could really need that food. When I finally got home I knew what I had to do. There is an elderly man that sleeps outside on the side of the street, so I hopped back on the tram in the other direction and stopped where I knew he would be. The man was sleeping but I left my box of pizza next to him. When I turned around there were two older ladies following me who saw my act of kindness and one of the women left the rest of her water bottle next to my pizza box for the homeless man, a full meal. I'm glad that my act of kindness had inspired others to do the same, it made me feel good inside.

  • Italy