We believe kindness shapes our world

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To be kind is a powerful act

– so how can we measure its impact?

We’ve begun by partnering with researchers, psychologists, and scientists to build a deeper understanding of what kindness means to people across the globe.

We’re exploring the role of kindness in our lives

Kindness as an idea isn’t new, but its role has shifted throughout human history. We’re excited to have teamed up with Oxford University to publish our first paper, A Systematic Review of Kindness Research.

We want you to share in our discoveries

As we learn more about how kindness is good for us and the possibilities for kindness to change our day-to-day lives, we’ll help you put what we’ve discovered into practice.

Our research

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A Systematic Review of Kindness

Our first research project was to understand the current landscape of kindness and its effects on our lives. We've commissioned Oxford University to conduct this study and they gathered and reviewed hundreds of studies on every aspect of kindness. The full academic paper has been submitted for publication, but you can now read the draft on the Open Science Framework preprint archive.

Together, let’s create a kinder future.

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